Hair Loss Treatments

  • viviscal max
    Viviscal Max Strength Supplements
    Chance of success 70-80%
  • florisene
    Florisene Supplements
    Chance of success 60%
  • Viviscal Max Strength

    is currently the best selling hair loss supplement for women in the UK. Clinical studies have shown it to be effective a stop hair loss and promoting new hair growth in around 80% of cases.

  • Regaine Foam

    Regaine Foam is currently the most effective way for men to combat hereditary hair loss. In clinical tests it regrew hair in 85% of men when used twice as day 4 months.

  • Nourkrin Extra Strength

    is a clinically proven natural supplement designed to first reduce hair loss and then stimulate new growth by breaking down the barriers that stop nutients reaching your hair follicles.

  • Regaine Extra Strength Solution

    For over 20 years Regaine has helped men put an end to their hair loss worries. This minoxidil based solution which is applied to your scalp twice a day will have an 80% of stopping hereditary hair loss.

  • Florisene

    Florisene is specifically formulated to help you recover from temporary or ongoing telogen effluvium due to a shortfall in iron levels

  • Viviscal Man

    If Regaine is not an option then you next best choice is Viviscal Man. It is currently the most effective and most popular supplement for men who want to stop losing their hair.

  • regaine foam
    Regaine Foam Foam
    Chance of success 85%
  • regaine solution
    Regaine Solution Topical Solution
    Chance of success 60-80%
  • viviscal man
    Viviscal Man Supplements
    Chance of success 60%