Hair Loss Treatments: Conclution

December 12, 2012

About a week ago I began to use the Regaine 5% twice a day as directed on the package. I will have to determine a way around the itchy scalp as the colder months tend to be dryer. This is the only product that I know of that is proven to regrow hair. I have been using it for about 15 years now and will continue. For about £30 for three months supply that is the most reasonable price to pay for something that is proven to work. Time will tell if I can keep up with the loss that seems to have accelerated over the past three years for me. Surgery would be an extreme choice I hope I won’t have to make.

I hope this helps anyone who is trying to decide on what products they want to invest in to stop their hair loss.

One note on Kevis. I have not been able to find any results from users anywhere on the www except their site. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with Kevis.