Hair Loss Treatments: Kevis

December 5, 2012

Since I dumped the Propecia medication I went back to the Regaine 5% but didn’t want to use the full dose because of the itchy and flaky scalp it was causing so I decided to check out this product I kept hearing about on the radio called Kevis.


I ordered a years supply which was about £500 and began to use that in the morning along with the Regaine (half dose) in the evening. I really liked the feeling the Kevis was giving me. It had a nice burn to my scalp as if my head was being scratched. I learned not to apply all of it at once as most of it would run down my next and face. I used an eye dropper to apply it exactly were I wanted it and let it soak in. I would keep applying the small vile all through the day until I used it up. The routine is that initially you go onto a full program for six months. One vile a day everyday. After the six month program you use the product as a maintence program where you apply one vile twice a week. Initially, it is expensive but then as you use less it becomes more reasonable.

As far as I know there is no F.D.A. data to support it claims and to be honest I have not known any improvement or hair regrowth. It did feel refreshing when applied. Earlier this year I would get e-mails from them suggesting that if I used more of the product I would get better results. I then began to get skeptical about its usefulness. Of couse these are the things you want to hear but knowing that if you buy twice as much product from them they are going to increase their profits. After much discussion with their sales department I ordered another 6 month supply with the intent on using one vile a day for six months and then determining if the results were better. They were not so I decided to discontinue use of the product as I saw it a waste of money.