Hair Loss Treatments: Propecia

November 28, 2012

I had been used the Regaine 5% for about a six month period when I read an article about this new product call Propecia that was touted as THE CURE for baldness.


The sun didn’t set that day before I paid a visit to my dermatologist who provided my with a prescription of Propecia. It was a bit more expensive than the Regaine 5%. This was about 6 years ago now. I popped the first pill in my mouth and felt that the worst curse to befall the male race had just ended. It was now in my system.

Side Effects

Within a month I completly lost my sex drive, however, I continued to take the medication. I brautwurst had more sex drive than I did. In the presence of a woman there was no reaction at all. After much effort to acheive an erection there was an unatural burning feeling that was painful. Sex was unpleasent if not impossible. The warning that it may cause some sexual side effects in a low percentage of men I believe was innaccurate. The percentage must be much higher if it made me feel this bad. But I wanted my hair to regrow so I continued to use the medication for a year.

To tell you the truth, if there was any regrown hair I didn’t notice it much but the sexual disfunction I was experiencing was much worse than the hair loss. Besides, there were other products that surely wouldn’t affect my sex drive. At one year I stopped taking the medication and didn’t even use the last prescription I had. Within a month an a half that painful sluggish sex drive I had had for a year began to return to normal and actually began to go into overdrive. The further away I got from the Propecia the more normal I felt.