Hair Loss Treatments: Regaine

November 23, 2012

I will give you the experience I had using several medications including Propecia. I have had what is known as the vertex balding for about 18 years now and have tried several solutions. My hairline in the front has the usual (not too much) recession found in most men. My main concern was in the vertex region of the head.


I was delighted to hear about this new product just introduced Regaine minoxidil (2%). So I skipped off to my doctor and he promptly prescibed it to me. I was content paying £40 a month and £40 a visit in between refills. I religeously used the product and never skipped a treatment (twice daily) by simply applying 6 squirts to the affected area.

I found that I would apply 3 squirts in the morning and after it soaked in (15 min) I would apply the remaining 3 squirts. I used this product for 10 years with I felt were marginal results. It never filled in what I had lost but kept the inevitable from continuing. It seemed that I was the only one who knew I was slowly loosing my hair on the top.

After about 10 years of use Upjohn came out with Regaine 5% minoxidil and the 2% became over the counter and now only cost about £20 a month. Yahoo! I continued to use that another year or so and then switched to the Regaine 5%. Withing a few months of using that I decided to go to a dermatologist about the itching I had in my scalp. He advised me to just use the product once a day instead of twice. That seemed to releive the irritation the buildup was causing. I was my hair everyday in the morning and then apply the Regaine in the evening before retiring. That seemed to be more kind to my scalp.