The Right Diet For Avoiding Thinning Hair

Your diet is one important thing to consider in preventing hair loss. The reasons for baldness may be hereditary but poor diet also results to poor the loss of hair. However, it’s not just on diet alone but part of using chemicals in treating hair is also one good reason. Hair sprays, hair gels and… Read More »

Hair Loss Treatments: Conclution

About a week ago I began to use the Regaine 5% twice a day as directed on the package. I will have to determine a way around the itchy scalp as the colder months tend to be dryer. This is the only product that I know of that is proven to regrow hair. I have… Read More »

Hair Loss Treatments: Kevis

Since I dumped the Propecia medication I went back to the Regaine 5% but didn’t want to use the full dose because of the itchy and flaky scalp it was causing so I decided to check out this product I kept hearing about on the radio called Kevis. Kevis I ordered a years supply which… Read More »

Hair Loss Treatments: Propecia

I had been used the Regaine 5% for about a six month period when I read an article about this new product call Propecia that was touted as THE CURE for baldness. Propecia The sun didn’t set that day before I paid a visit to my dermatologist who provided my with a prescription of Propecia.… Read More »

Hair Loss Treatments: Regaine

I will give you the experience I had using several medications including Propecia. I have had what is known as the vertex balding for about 18 years now and have tried several solutions. My hairline in the front has the usual (not too much) recession found in most men. My main concern was in the… Read More »

Hair Loss In Women – Just What Should You Do To Stop It

For many it’s really a devastating thing to unexpectedly find loads of shedded hair after taking a shower. This short article will offer guidance on the best way to stop hair loss and even regain your hair. For those who are experiencing hair loss, it is advisable to explore solutions to prevent hair thinning before… Read More »

Trichotillomania: Sam Faiers admits why she is always wearing falsies

Fake lashes are a staple in any Essex girls’ beauty kit – but unlike the rest of her TOWIE co-stars, Sam Faiers admits there’s another reason why she’s rarely seen without her falsies. The 21-year-old has trichotillomania (TTM) – a disorder that causes sufferers to pull out their own hair during times of stress. Sam… Read More »

Cynthia Nixon Uses Viviscal for Her Hair

Former ‘Sex in the City’ star Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes in the hit TV show, was recently interviewed on US television show ‘Live! with Kelly and Michael’. When asked about having to shave her head for a Broadway role just a few months before her wedding day, she explained how her hair… Read More »